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Ram Ras Rock Salt

Ram Ras Rock Salt
Ram Ras Rock Salt Ram Ras Rock Salt
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Pharmacologically Saindava salt(Rock Salt) shows bioequivalent properties like absorption, distribution and elimination and compatibility with body fluids with that of common salt. Daily administration of saindava salt at the dose of mg/animal/day orally for 90 days did not exhibit any changes in biochemical, haematological and histopathological indices when compared to animals. Pardoxically there was a significant reduction in the weight gained by rats treated with saindava salt for period of 90 days when compared to common salt treated rats.

  • Naturally enriched with more than 60 minerals.
  • Iodised & free flow Rock Salt.
  • Calcium as Ca  : 0.089 % w/w
  • Magnesium as Mg : 0.078 % w/w
  • Iron as Fe : 7.435 ppm
  • Sodium Chloride as Nacl : 99.335 % w/w

Rock salt is so the salt for your soul. No surprise Ram Ras feels it's " satvik & curative", Jain Muni Acharaya Padmasagar Suri recommends it for "reducing mental tension" whereas Pramukh Hindu Maharaj of Hindu Narayan Temple blesses it as 100% feeder . Mineral could be a key ingredients of piece of writing & is lavishly praised for its health-inducing properties by seers like Maharshi Charak & Sushrut in 2000BC & later by Vagbhata & Dhanvantari. Even the notable Unani skilled, Hafiz Hakim Hassan Mufti Tonki admires mineral because the "Salt of all salts". No non secular divide here.

Rock Salt is really the best-kept secret behind all those luxurious connoisseur dishes loved by each cognoscenti & cookery skilled across the world, Taria Dalal , India’s foremost preparation skilled , advises daily usage of halite because it “makes every kind of change of state tastier”. Even the French, Italian, German & yank chefs think about halite mineral halite to imbibe that special lip –smacking flavour to all or any their recipes. style a pinch of Rack Salt currently & you’ll relish it’s mouth –watering flavour.


Apart from a bunch of supporters in Neurologists, Cardiologists, Dieticians & heart specialists, common salt is being applauded for its health-inducing properties by researchers & scientists. Dr Wilhelm Hoefer, USA insists that solely common salt mountain chain common salt contains “Minerals & trace parts essential for the organic structure in an exceedingly bio-physical from that permits their simple absorption” & identical is been evidenced by academician Manfred Kage, Dr Elisabeth Scherwitz- Josenhans & Dr Peter Ferreira of FRG.
Born a hundred million years past Ram Ras Mineral common salt was fashioned at the side of the mountain chain Untouched from pollution of any kind for ages, these salt deposits aren't solely uncontaminated bismuth even have an upscale vein of natural minerals running through it, blessing it with lots of curative powers.

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