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About Us

"We are health caring people and to provide good health we have thought of products which improve health. As we are serving the society through nutritional and medicinal products from last 15 years, in the name and style  of Nippon Sseiyaku Pvt. Ltd., an associate of Nippon Sseiyaku , Japan. We are the pioneers for Methyl Cobalamine and Co enzyme Q-10 in India from Japan. Now we will provide products related to health through online services in the name and style as  "Healthyray".

All the products which are healthy and improve health are available at this online site. Products which provide good health are to be eaten. Lifestyle products,  of course which provide good health are there. Our plan is to make Healthyray Family. And in family there need to have everything and anything which is essential for our body and for our lifestyle. Whether  it is essential vitamins and minerals or beauty products, home living products and personal beauty care.

We are determined to offer you the products from entire world which are helping you to manage your heath in a better way.

We welcome all of you in our family where products are made available for best of your health. Our motto is not only to do business where we sale products for profits but also to focus on the better ways to provide quality of life and healthy living to the people around us.

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